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Representation 306 on Preferred Options Local Plan by miss vivian smith

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge
Representation: Object to proposed 60 new homes
Need to scale down
Rowhedge has a distinctive character
Already threatened by Rowhedge Wharf development
Battleswick Farm is potential land for large green infrastructure
Need to enhance potential of Rowhedge as tourist areas, creating employment opportunities.
Opportunity to create well-being space for new settlement East of Colchester near Riverside Setting.

Original submission

I object to the proposal to add 60 new homes on the plot of land south of Battlewick Farm off Rowhedge Road. Rowhedge is a village with a positive local character, which needs to be preserved to enhance the quality village life for the existing community. The new Rowhedge Wharf Development (175 units in 1st phase) doubling the size of the village by 2017 will impact significantly.

The housing proposal for Battlewick Farm needs to be scaled down as this land is an ideal location for a larger scale green infrastructure to enhance leisure, recreative and tourism, especially re: proposal of a new settlement East of Colchester. Thus creating well connected places prioritising the well-being of citizens in this area.

Rowhedge's distinctive character and potential for tourism and employment needs to be considered more highly than is currently evident.

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