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Representation 3050 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Tina Bartlett

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: Not against change and appreciate future developments are inevitable, but concerned that 125 dwellings within Langham is far too much for village of this size. Too much traffic already due to industry and school traffic. 2 small estates for School Road too large and impractical due to volume of traffic. Lack of capacity in primary school. Damage to rural character. No health care facilities. Limited public transport. No street lighting. Infrastructure currently a concern - sewage system is in need of updating; School Road floods regularly near commercial units, power cuts; poor internet coverage.

Original submission

Our family have been residents of School Road, Langham for over 20 years. We chose to reside here to be part of a village community.
We are not against change and appreciate future developments are inevitable, our own children will be leaving the family home within the very near future, looking for properties of their own and we have family members in the building trade therefore for many reasons we benefit from change.
We are just very concerned to see the CBC Preferred Options for development of at present a 125 new dwellings within the village of Langham, it is far too much for a village of this size.
There has already been a great increase in traffic, at the junction of Wick Road and School Road relating to Commercial business units, their employees and transportation of large plant equipment and parents parking all along School Road during school drop off times. It is dangerous for residents exiting drive ways due to the volume and speed of the traffic at this junction. School Road becomes a major hazard with one lane totally blocked with parked cars, then vehicles of all sizes trying to access the road.
These developments will put extreme pressure on this road and the village and will not be classed as a village in the future with all building plans proposed up to 2032!
We have strong views on this issue and put forward our reasons for your reconsideration:
a) The two small estates proposed for School Road are both too large and impractical, at present the volume of traffic in this area of the village due to the school and commercial traffic to date can be heavy.
b) The primary school does not have capacity to allow for this number of extra children.
c) Langham is a rural location and the amount of proposed building of houses over the next few years will take away the character of the village, increasing the population possibly by 25%, it will end up merging with other housing estates and commercial business parks.
d) There are not any health care facilities or a doctor in the village.
e) Limited public transport for links to secondary schools and to the nearest health centres.
f) No street lighting.
g) Concerns are with the everyday utilities and amenities already provided, for example the current sewage system is in need of major updating as some of us residents have witnessed. School Road already floods regularly near the Commercial units and Primary school, there are often power cuts for several days in bad weather, internet access is poor within the village, this is without the extra dwellings.
h) There is insufficient local employment to warrant such an increase in residents.
i) Current residents do not want to be paying more in Council Tax etc to cover long term costs of such future large scale developments
The proposed builds would make the village too dense, taking away the open rural space that depicts a 'village'.
As residents that wish to stay in the village, it is not that we are saying 'not in our back yard' we just feel the number is far too great, a more realistic amount of dwellings as proposed by the Langham Parish Council would be more suitable for a village of this size and more road line set up rather than large housing estates.
A certain amount of dwellings to be offered to relatives of families already in Langham for example children leaving home requiring affordable housing, residents requiring to down size and not all Housing Association properties.
We urge CBC to reduce the number of dwellings proposed.

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