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Representation 3040 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Churchmanor Estates Compnay PLC (Martin Robeson) represented by Martin Robeson Planning Practice (Mr Martin Robeson)

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, WC1: Stanway Strategic Economic Area
Representation: We are concerned at the different treatment being suggested for the three Economic Areas with an apparently more relaxed regime applying to North Colchester and Severalls area compared for instance with that of Stanway.

There appears to be no cogent explanation of how land has been zoned. The approach to zone 1 at North Colchester is radically different to that at Stanway where highly restrictive criteria are applied to non B Class uses, notwithstanding the evidence base identifying the very high quality of the employment land resource at North Colchester.

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