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Representation 3023 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Sainsburys (Ms Caroline Huett) represented by Indigo Planning (David Hodgetts)

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Central Colchester: Town Centre, TC1: Town Centre Policy and Hierarchy
Representation: Sainsburys disagrees with the proposed 2500sqm threshold for undertaking a retail impaxt assessment for retain proposals outside of town centres. We consider that in order for the council to be able to assess the cumulative effects of out of centre development the threshold should be 1000sqm. Given their scale this should be reduced to 750sqm for district and local centres.

When the new Sainsburys opens it will provide a focus for the existing and growing community in the Hythe special policy area. It should be designated as a district or local centre.

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