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Representation 3021 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Carl Moore

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: Appreciate need for new housing on fringe of Colchester, but proposal for sites unsustainable for village of our size. Wick Road is a busy cut through route to A12 and is busy at peak times. adding more houses will add to traffic. School Road sites also disproportionate in relation to current village size. School Road busy during school run times. Whitnells site poses major danger to road users. Langham is idyllic quiet village with limited public transport and poor internet.

Original submission

I feel the need to write to you regarding the CBC preferred option for future developments in our village of Langham.
Although we very much appreciate the need for new housing on the fringe of Colchester we feel that the proposal for the two development sites and the shear number of houses proposed is unsustainable and unrealistic for a village of our size.

The first development proposal for a number of houses along Wick road is disproportionate for this road. At present this road is a busy "cut through"
route to the A12 and at peak times can be very busy. Adding more houses along this road is simply going to add to the traffic, leading to increased noise, pollution and congestion to our quiet village.

The main development sites proposed for School Road are also very much disproportionate in relation to the current village size. School road is obviously the road on which our quiet village primary school is located. This road is already very busy during peak school "run" times posing a real danger to the many children that walk to school. Having this large development along this road is simply going to add even more traffic to this narrow school access road. The large industrial business of Whitnells, which deal in very large plant machinery already poses a major danger to users of this road and with the added traffic along this route and heavy plant machinery turning and manoeuvring poses a real potential danger. There have been several incidents this year with large vehicles trying to access Whitnells at peak times when there have been very nearly serious accidents. Adding another 125 dwellings to this already very busy road is a serious accident waiting to happen.

We understand that there is a need for housing in this area, and we agree that Langham could be used as a site for this, however, a few well placed houses in suitable locations around the village would be a much more reasonable proposal rather than adding two great big housing developments on already congested roads. The proposed number of additional houses is completely out of proportion to the size of the village and it infrastructure.

Langham is an idyllic quiet village with limited public transport and very poor internet access/ broadband speeds, both of which do not support such development proposals. The urbanisation of our village will destroy its rural character forever and it will lose the beautiful fields and countryside that make it so pleasant. It is a shame that people who have made the decision to live in a semi-rural location will have their peace and community permanently spoilt. If the residents of a semi-rural location wanted to live in a built up area, they would have chosen to live in a more urbanised area and their opinions and quality of life should also be taken into consideration while this consultation is happening.

I very much hope these opinions are considered for the character of the village and the people who live here.

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