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Representation 2962 on Preferred Options Local Plan by R Creed

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, Stanway Area Housing/Other Allocations
Representation: answers to questions to letter circulated by a party other than CBC. Response provided in full text.
Other points-

Feel development is just houses and little or nothing else. More infrastructure and employment is needed.

Original submission

Good afternoon

In reply to your circular about the Local Plan for the area I would like to say the following in respect of your suggested questions:

1. Swan Green should be designated a green open space - before we lose any more open spaces.
2. Not sure - I would say I would prefer office and industrial (see my note A below)
3. Absolutely need new road - I use this junction on regular basis and it is already a nightmare. We have to make it safe if we are going to have hundred's more houses and hence hundreds more cars using it.
4. Roman River should be given more protection before it is swallowed up by being swamped with more houses
5. Yes Western Relief Road should be 30mph - it is very short in distance before traffic reaches the Sainsbury's turn off or the Seapets roundabout when it is 30mph anyway. If we want to encourage people to walk instead of using the car then they have to be able to cross the road safely.
6. Absolutely yes to road improvements
1. Colchester is a siege town (which is part of its charm) but if you live in Stanway and work at Sheepen Road why should it take 40 minutes to travel less than 2.45 miles???
2. Condition of roads not great - as my tyres will tell you as I went over another pot hole/crack between speed humps on Winstree Road yesterday

A. My daughter has recently been made redundant from Spicerhaart. As a graduate of Essex University she/we have found employment opportunities in Colchester really poor.
Spicerhaart claim to be one of Colchester's biggest employers, and yes they were. But apparently due to Brexit they are cutting back and have made quite a lot of redundancies recently with many more to follow.
I could that "that's life" but that's not exactly my point.
My point is with Colchester drowning in large swathes of new build housing estates and the prospect of 100's or 1000's of people moving to Colchester where on earth are they all going to work?
What is being done to attract large employers to move to the town.
Every time we see new places opening up they tend to be facilities run with very few employees?
Now the latest news is that the Armed Forces are to sell off 3 more large sites for housing.
These can't all be housing for young people/first time buyers - Colchester earnings for young people would not sustain a mortgage in the local area.

Rant over
I love Colchester and have lived here for many years but feel it's just houses and nothing else to support us, i.e. infrastructure or employment.

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