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Representation 2959 on Preferred Options Local Plan by June Warburton

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester, NC3: North Colchester
Representation: Objection to all 3 allocations- key issues;
land put forward without the Golf Club Members permission (they are the owners);
Density proposed higher than surrounding development;
No access is available via Acnhnacone Drive or to the smaller site- not designed for through traffic;
Loss of amenity and green space;
lack of existing infrastructure;
Traffic capacity not able to cope- lead to pollution and over capacity immediate area and beyond such as North station
not well placed to integrate new residents into community other locations are better suited to this.

Original submission

I am writing to oppose the inclusion of these 3 developments on the following grounds:

1. The land put forward by the Golf Club has been put forward without the permission of the owners of the land - the Club Members themselves - who are the owners the land were not consulted about this.

2. The proposed developments are at a much higher density than the surrounding developments.

3. Access. There is no access from Achnacone Drive to the plot - known as the 'old practice ground. And the road was not designed with through traffic in mind. There are similar constraints regarding access to the smaller 8 plot site.

4. Loss of amenity. These areas are much needed green lungs and wild life habitats and much used by dog-walkers and locals. Given the Councils' much promoted opposition to car use, people will have to get in their cars in order to travel to open sites to exercise their dogs if these open spaces are lost .

5. Lack of existing infrastructure to support more developments. West Bergholt and Braiswick have a poor public transport system. Overgrown hedges and cars impede on the footpaths in places and there are no cycling facilities.

6. Ever-increasing traffic jams on the roads at busy times already create pollution, significant increases in travel time and frustrated and angry drivers.

7. And I haven't even mentioned the knock-on effects on travellers from other communities of pushing more and more traffic through the North Station bottle-neck.

8. People are best integrated into an area when there are existing communities and activities in which to engage and to meet fellow residents. Braiswick has been cut off electorally from its more natural partner - Mile End and up with Lexden. No geographically close facilities. Mile Ends' facilities will no doubt be under pressure as their massive building works get under way. In the meantime, Braiswick has little to offer in-comers as a means for integration. Unless they get in their cars.

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