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Representation 2952 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr & Mrs Peter C & J Mann

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Previous Emergency Plans ruled out house building on Mersea-what has changed?

Mersea has had Well House Estate and caravan parks are now virtually residential.

Island being treated like a cash cow.

Mersea needs improved facilities - water, sewage, heath, education, transport and communications not 350 more houses that will not be for Mersea families.

Mersea Oyster an iconic local food brand is at risk without improved sewage locally on Mersea and at Haven Road.

Original submission

Some years ago I seem to remember that because of the Nuclear Power Station at Bradwell and because of your Emergency Plan, there would be no more house building on Mersea
What has changed? We still have the power station and the possibility of a new one has not been ruled out.
Since then we have had the Well House Estate, now larger than the original plan, most of the caravan parks have been allowed to have 12 months occupancy and because of poor licensing, planning and surveillance are now virtually residential. The figures you give have already been surpassed to be able to allow further building.
Houses have been built at East Mersea, (and we have done a village plan) and have not sold, you are treating this Island as a cash cow for someone and for tourism and don't give a fig about the quality of life of the people who live here.
The houses (350) are not for Mersea families or people who work here, they are purely so that CBC can appease the governments desire to get people out of London, and like most politicians you are not listening to what people want have the courage to say NO to government, before any more building, be it Tourism, Commercial or Residential we need,

1) Improved Water Services
2) Improved Sewage system
3) Improved Medical Services
4) Improved Roads
5) Improved Transport
6) Improved Education Facilities
7) Improved Communications.

The Council Officers, Civil Servants are too dominant for our councillors, the boot should be on the other foot our councillors should take advise from the officers,
and then after consultation tell the officers what to do. Come the next Borough Council election I am sure this will be taken care of.

We are in danger, in fact the country is in danger of losing one of our most iconic local food export brands i.e. the Mersea or Colchester Oyster, if water quality and sewage treatment is not improved, not just on Mersea the smell of the sewage going into the Colne near Haven Road has to be smelt to be believed. Closer to home at East Mersea the sewage at Coopers Beach makes ones nose wrinkle on Sunday morning and probably other mornings.

What would the scenario be if a tourist caught a fatal disease from bathing in the sea or eating an oyster, would CBC be liable, which means us, or just councillors who didn't do the right thing by the electorate.

Pull your finger out CBC or else we will all be in the Shonet.

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