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Representation 2924 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs J Newman

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Object on the basis of the Island not having adequate infrastructure in place.
Proposed development would cause considerable congestion.

Residents live at caravan parks 12 months of the year and add to population numbers and use local facilities i.e. schools.

Poor public transport links. Bus stops at Peldon when Strood floods. The proposed development are 1.5 m away from Peldon - no safe footways from Peldon to site.

Mersea is a unique place

Find alternative sites elsewhere in Borough. Mersea cannot sustain 1000 more people and 750 cars.

Original submission

I am writing to register my strong objection to the proposed 350 new homes Colchester Borough Council are suggesting for Mersea Island.

I object on the basis of the Island not having adequate infrastructure in place. With the doctors surgery at full capacity along with the school, even though it has been suggested that t ere are discussions with Essex County Council to increase the size of the school, how and where would this happen is a huge question. Obviously with a possible 1000 more people, a possible 750 cars, with one road in and off the island the congestion would be considerable.

The case in which a malfunction of traffic lights a couple of weeks ago resulted in traffic taking up to 2 hours to get on and off the island. Not a suitable situation for the emergency services. Also Yorick Road and Melrose Road is also busy with parked cars, access to the village is sometimes very difficult.

lt has also come to my attention that CBC want to expand on the caravan parks. I believe that residents should not be living there 12 months of the year, however children of families resident there are already registered at the local school. Adding to the increase of population of Mersea.

Mersea is a unique place to live, I suggest that CBC need to look at different areas around Colchester for housing and its local plan. Mersea cannot sustain another 1000 people and possible 750 cars with a single road in that floods.
Public transport is also an issue, we have no rail link, only an erratic bus service where the operator state that when the stored is covered, the service terminates at Peldon. This is a 1.5 mile walk to the proposed developments, in all sorts of weather. There is no footway for the majority of this distance.

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