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Representation 2802 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Mark DeRoy

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Dedham and Dedham Heath, SS6: Dedham Heath Housing Sites
Representation: Three options are presented for the Long Road East site.

Original submission

Please find attached indicative plans showing some possible development arrangements for the site as discussed.

Sketch drawing 'A' shows a simple regimented layout to prove garden and parking for 10 x semi-detached + 2 bungalows. The garden sizes and property sizes are such that the selling prices would fit into the lower price bracket for the area. At the same time being suitable to target the need for houses for younger families being 2-3 bedrooms as discussed.

Sketch drawing 'B' indicates how this land owner, can through our scheme offer further amenity land outside the development limits. This can be controlled and protected from development but will provide above average or even large gardens or 'allotment' type plots. To keep house prices more affordable these plots can be rented to the individual owners with no 'right to buy risk'. We believe that by this method these properties will be protected for the identified need but allowing owners more space on modest rental rates. Assuming that this is acceptable to CBC.

Sketch drawing 'C' shows an alternative which is less regimented and has a different mix of properties but still with the garden extension idea. The inclusion of some terraced property would further address the issue of the properties being a mix of values, so suiting an even wider range of needs.

This site does offer such a range of possibilities, which is why we are awaiting the responses from the public consultation to guide what may be applied for on this low impact location.

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