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Representation 2608 on Preferred Options Local Plan by d crocombe

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: Concerns about the number of new homes proposed including their density and type which will be out of keeping with the character of the village. Concerns about School Lane's ability to cope with increased traffic and the lack of parking spaces near the school. Housing density should be reduced by 65% and include sensible traffic infrastructure.

Original submission

Having reviewed the proposal for Langham village, I would like to register my objections / comments regarding the plans circulated.

1. Compared to adjacent villages, the allocation of new housing is disproportionate, increasing the size (population) of the village by some 25% which is a drastic increase and would have significant impact on the character of the village
2. The allocation is restricted to 3 small sites, less than 1% of the overall size of the residential size of the village, meaning that the proposed density is again vastly disproportionate to the current housing density. Whilst it is appreciated that the existing density is relatively low, it does reflect the existing character of the village.
3. The plan proposal shows mainly semi-detached or terraced housing (3 or more together) which reflects urban planning, not rural village planning. This is not in keeping with the existing character of the village. Although without seeing any detailed proposals of the proposed housing stock, the current plan proposal would indicate the use of 'Town' houses. These would not be in keeping with the existing character of the village.
4. School Lane is not the widest road, being regularly used by local buses and to lorries from the Economic zone. At school run times, this all becomes extremely difficult to navigate for all users. The current proposal does not take this into account in any way, with limited scope for vehicular use within the confines of the development, encouraging overspill onto the already, at times, congested adjacent road. There seems to be insufficient infrastructure for both resident parking, nor transport links, especially outside the school. This is again out of keeping with existing character of the village.

Whilst I appreciate that there is a need for development within the local area and the village, these proposals are not well considered in the context of the existing village character and infrastructure. It is moving towards the urbanisation of the village and would not be in keeping with its own very special rural character.

Although the proposed sites would make sense for development, the number of properties proposed for each of the sites, especially those on School Lane sites are excessive, they are out of character and would cause on going traffic problems (aside from the construction traffic) unless completely reconsidered to reduce housing density by about 65% and including sensible traffic infrastructure.

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