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Representation 2565 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr David clark

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: The island has lost it identity with previous developments.The propsed increase in population, The taking of green belt land is unacceptable and unnecessary The proposed development would overload the existing infrastructure that is in place and would need updating. The Doctors, School are running to maximum capacity. The water supply is just able to cope now. The sewage system is not coping with coastal pollution rising from outfall overflow. Oyster industry on the lowest level of clean water, danger from future flooding and proposed Nuclear Power Station evacuating the Island safely with additional population. no large scale developments.

Original submission

please find noted objections to developments proposed for Mersea Island(large block estates). The Island has lost a lot of its identify with previous developments already and the proposed development of estates would only compound this. The number of houses increased year by year with infill and replacement and upgrades to existing roads and avenues which serves to improve and enhance the surrounding housing and neighbourhood. I know of people who moved to the Island for their golden years retirement and will be blighted by overbearing developments proposed. The taking of more green belt land can only be seen as unacceptable and unnecessary to achieve sustainable and welcome development. The proposed development would overload the existing infrastructure that is in place and would need to be updated and increased to cope with the he proposed increase in population (possibly 1400 to 1500 people). The doctors surgery is already at over capacity with the surgery filtering out patients that do not use the surgery on a regular basis to decrease the patient register and also getting an appointment is getting more difficult due to the patient numbers. The schools are also running to maximum capacity with numbers increasing. sometimes for summer season residents from the caravan park ( which are becoming more and more residential) An increase in the caravan park would also have a detrimental affect. The infrastructure of the Island is just able to cope now without these increased number of inhabitants. The water supply to the island is just able to cope now and needs tankering on by roads when in drought times. The sewage system is not coping now with coastal pollution rising from outfall overflow. The oyster industry is now on the lowest level of clean water in the Rivers and Seas surrounding the Island. The oyster industry could be closed down if the situation worsens sewage in East mersea around the vineyard is a problem now with leakage into ditches. There is already the sewage removal by road happening now because of under capacity and overuseage. The road system is not able to cope in the peak periods at present in the summer season with the extra traffic in the Dawesl Lane Area. That the new development(s) would attract the road system would be overwhelmed at peak times. Also traffic would be much heavier within the routes to Mersea Centre. Also the spectre of danger from future coastal flooding and the proposed nuclear power station opening at Bradwell. If there ever arose the need to evacuate the Island the problem evacuating people of this number by boat or across the causeway (by road) would multiply. The caravan sites also affect the saturation of the Island population , affecting both the infrastructure ability to cope (roadway, shop supplies, medical , police, schools, power water and sewage. To my knowledge more and more caravans are being used for permanent residence ( or even 9 to 10 month of the year) This having a true increase ( although disregarded by council figures) in Island population. I understand that a realistic policy of controlling development strategy is inevitable, but must be one that is agreeable to the people of Mersea Island, and the Mersea Council and the Colchester Council. and satisfy the government directive for hosing. However must be a realistic all encompassing plan, for non intrusive (not blighting peoples lives) Housing developments, Small packages of development of up to 5 houses per development would be better by smaller developers not larger inner town type developments that are proposed now. and have sprung up in the past these are truly invasive on the landscape. If there are ever anymore large scale developments to be done on the Island there should be community and infrastructure rebalance with much financial retribution from any developers ( for new roads and amenities) to be in line with impact with increased demand on services

yours faithfully

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