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Representation 2535 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Stephen Garner

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: Proposal for 125 new homes does not accord with CBC's assertion that ''growth in smaller villages and in the countryside is limited to protect the Borough's rural character.

No objection raised to Langham Parish Council proposal, for ''infill'' in Wick Road with 10 new dwellings.

The 2 large developments proposed by CBC will place a significant strain on local road and sewage infrastructure and alter rural character .

Accept need for some housing - 35-40 dwellings.
Why is Langham getting higher growth (30%) than Boxted (6%), Great Horkesley (10%) and Dedham (2%)

Original submission

As a resident of the village of Langham I have studied Colchester Borough Council's proposals for Langham. I note that the proposal for 125 new dwellings in Langham amounts to a 30% increase on the existing housing stock. This is at variance with CBC's assertion regarding the plan that ''growth in smaller villages and in the countryside is limited to protect the Borough's rural character.

While no-one likes to see the loss of greenfield road frontage, in common with post residents I raise no objection to the proposal, approved by the Parish Council, for the completion of ''infill'' in Wick Road with ten new dwellings.

The two large developments proposed by CBC are another matter. School Road is a main route which also carries exceptionally heavy traffic twice a day for the school, and the heavy vehicles arriving and manouvering at the industrial site. 55 or 60 houses creates a huge increase in traffic, places a load on infrastructure which it will be hard to meet, and will drastically interfere with the surface water drainage of the geographical area of Langham Moor which is already problematical after years of neglect. Furthermore, if both of the proposed areas are developed a green space separating the housing concentrations of St Margaret's Cross and Moor Road, part of the rural character referred to above, would be lost.

Acknowledging the need for housing, and the pressure on CBC from central government, I accept that some building on one site may be needed, but feel strongly that this should be limited to a modest development of, say, 35 - 40 dwellings, perhaps of a ''mews'' type, which does not extend deeply into the farmland to the South.

I have noted that a much smaller increase in housing is proposed for neighbouring villages, which I understand to be 10% for Great Horkesley, only 6% for Boxted, and a mere 2% for Dedham, and wonder why Langham has been singled out for such a massive increase.

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