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Representation 2509 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Nigel Turp

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester
Representation: Roads poor quality and used as rat runs

Original submission

Lesley and to who other this concerns, I have decided to 'E' mail instead of all the messing about with each topic on the Colchester Council web site.
After reading the Stanway Parish Council news letter on the local plan I have decided to put forward some ideas and views. My answers to the six questions as follows:
1) Swan Green should be an green open space, too many areas like this are built on and lost.
2) The old Sainsbury's site should be a mixture of leisure and business, where by the business being the small shops. We currently have many business parks like Peartree road, Angora Park, Westside. These bring in many large vehicles and large white vans all speeding along our roads. We just don't need any more.
3) Houses on the Fiveways Fruit Farm should and will need an arterial road to restrict lorries taking short cuts on the Stanway roads. Even now Council lorries, Tarmac & heavy goods lorries still cut through Winstree road, Villa road via Warren lane, Dyers road through to Winstree road, again many speeding.
4) Roman river just leave it alone and protect its history.
5) Western Relief Road, Well there's me thinking Bernie Ecclestone had bought it for racing. Does it need a 30mph limit and crossings, more like speed cameras and speed bumps.
What a shambles this road has become, 3am in the morning at week-ends early mornings at the week-ends, its like living next to Silverstone. Does any one with a brain need to answer this one.
6) Road Improvements, now is that filling in the death trap holes or sorting out the lorry short cuts or the speeding vehicles, which are every where.

Now my views on other issues.
It's good to hear that Daniel Watts has now said we need more road improvements and crossings in Stanway if we keep building more homes and businesses, but again no one is prepared to sort out Heckford Bridge junction with its chaotic layout and traffic jams most days. Yes its under E.C.C control like most roads, and as normal bring the roads to a stand still before sorting. We have many problems in Stanway and its getting worse with the zest to build more homes, more businesses, we are forgetting the noise, smell, (Cory Waste) traffic jams and fumes from vehicles all making it an Industrial area where noise and pollution are in control.

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