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Representation 2414 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Robert Mitchell

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester, NC3: North Colchester
Representation: Access to the proposed housing south of Braiswick Golf Club is too narrow to service a new estate (for example refuse lorries will not be able to access properties). The sewerage drain is also too small to accommodate more housing. The pond north of the bowling club is fed by an underground source under the proposed site. The proposal behind Keepers Green does not have obvious access and lacks utilities. The proposals would lead to greater traffic congestion including at north station. The new school is not yet fully functional. The hospital is over capacity.

Original submission

Reference your Policy NC3 North Colchester preferred options for development, I respectfully suggest that there a re serious flaws in your proposals.

The land identified as south of Braiswick Golf Club which is bounded by houses to its fore and the green swathe of Keepers Green and the Bowling club to its east has, as its only access, a small entrance (farm gate size) between 59 and 61 Braiswick. This is unsuitable for vehicle access to what would be a small estate. The main sewage drainage in the road in front of number 61 is only about 18 inches in diameter. Your proposed building plan would put intolerable pressure on such a small utility. Also, the land to both this site and the one towards the A12 slopes away from the road which would require sewage to be pumped to the level of the road. The corporation bin lorries would also have to access these sites. This could only be done with great difficulty. I assume that you are aware that the pond to the north of the bowling club is fed by an underground source which runs through existing gardens of 47 and 49 and under your proposed building site. It was long ago bricked in under number 47 but I would be very surprised if that was true for the whole of its length.

The proposed site behind and to the east of Keepers Green does not have any obvious easy form of access without demolishing existing dwellings 01- removal of some of the green swathe. The same argument about lack of suitable utilities also applies to this site.

The increased number of dwellings would inevitably lead to greater traffic congestion on Braiswick/Bergholt Road. The new school is not yet fully functioning nor have the 1600 dwellings which have already been approved been built. Before any assumptions are made these have to be factored in. All in all, the current infrastructure of Braiswick and Bergholt Road will not cope. North Station roundabouts are a nightmare now; how much worst is it your intention to make them?

One little thought when factoring in the 'Big Ideas' for Colchester is the provision of medical facilities. The Colchester General Hospital is creaking at the seams. A large part of the reason is that in the last 40 years we have lost, in general health alone, five hospitals whilst the population has trebled. I know the provision of health care is not the prerogative of a borough council but it is within your powers not to try and imposing what exists to a standstill by imposing unsustainable numbers on it.

In conclusion, I submit Policy NC3 is poorly conceived and would be a detriment not just to North Colchester but to the borough as a whole.

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