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Representation 2410 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Roger Bullen

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Sewage works is at capacity, GP surgery is at capacity, the road network is not fit for purpose, the primary school is struggling to cope, lack of permanent police presence, poor public transport, caravan parks operate on an 11 or 12 month basis which adds to the stretched infrastructure. Furthermore an evacuation would be impossible following a major disaster at the same time as a high tide closing the only road onto the island.

Original submission

I am writing to register my objections to the above in relation to the proposed construction of 350 houses to be built on land near Dawes Lane and on Brieley Paddocks.

They mainly relate to the lack of infrastructure to support this development and are as follows:

1. The sewage works is already working to full capacity . Although CBC deny this, Anglian water has advised a representative of the local oyster industry that this is the case.
2. The GP surgery is also working to full capacity and is currently removing patients from its
3. The road network which would serve these developments is not fit for purpose and would entail major improvements to bring it up to a suitable standard.
4. The local Primary School is already struggling to cope with the current needs of the island and would need expanding, which would mean additional classrooms being built on the playing field robbing it of valuable green space.
5. The lack of a permanent police presence on the island
6. The poor public transport system which would result in more cars commuting to Colchester on an inadequate road.
7. Holiday caravan sites are already operating on a 1 I or 12 month basis putting an additional
burden on to the already stretched infrastructure. During the summer the roads are congested and parking space is at a premium .

It is also worth noting that Mersea is an island cut off by the tide twice a day, every fortnight with only one road off the island. Any evacuation due to a major disaster would be impossible even if there was no tide.

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