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Representation 2405 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr F Pierson

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Birch, SS2: Land East of Birch Street
Representation: Concerns that the village lacks services and facilities to accommodate new housing. Furthermore additional housing will exacerbate the hazardous traffic situation in the village.

Original submission

I write to express my great concern about the proposed plan for 10 -15 new houses in Birch village.

As I am sure you are aware, our GP surgery has been closed with no likelihood of any replacement.

We have recently been threatened with withdrawal of the village bus service. This would affect so many people here from getting to work, to alternative medical practices, hospital appointments, shopping, etc at present buses are still provided but with no assurance of permanence.

Our village shop, with its extra provision of postal services, dry cleaning/laundry collection, newspapers etc has also closed and will be sorely missed.

I understand that the village school has its full complement of children and that the waiting list if already over-subscribed. Traffic past the school at the beginning and end of the school day is very difficult in both directions and, at times extremely dangerous, the road being very narrow.

Birch Street from Mill Lane to Layer Breton is also narrow with only two small sections of path on one side. Naturally there are vehicles parked along this as well. However, this all makes it hazardous for both traffic and pedestrians, particularly children and the elderly as they have to walk out into the road. One can assume that with extra houses there will, probably, be an increase of 20-30 vehicles passing through the village and the school which will only exacerbate the hazardous situation.

Given the existing and ongoing circumstances here I hope that the proposed plan will be seriously reconsidered and rejected, particularly on grounds of public safety.

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