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Representation 2401 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Mavis & Eric Hall

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Birch, SS2: Land East of Birch Street
Representation: There is a lack of services and facilities in the village to support further housing and any additional housing will lead to traffic issues on a road which is already a traffic hazard.

Original submission

The proposed development to build 10-15 houses in an area which lacks the basic services of use to any village. This is unlikely to attract persons looking to provide any such amenities. The proposal is likely to attract some 35 or so people needing shops, medical services, of which there is none, additional school facilities which, depending on age will generate additional traffic and in the case of Birch school (which is now full) more car parking in a road which is already a traffic hazard twice a day.

The site of the houses will lead to either pedestrians or cars crossing Birch Street every time they venture out. Although there is a speed limit this is rarely, if ever, adhered to.

Birch Street seems to be subjected to constant repairs. As the street is the only route for traffic any increase causes incremental problems and experience of what is occurring elsewhere in the Borough, one tends to fear the worst for both Birch but also for adjacent villages. We have sufficient traffic as it is, 15 houses are too many no matter which factors are taken into account.

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