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Representation 2384 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Messing cum Inworth Parish Council (Mrs Dawn Marriott)

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Marks Tey, SS13: Marks Tey
Representation: Mention is made of Garden community, but no site allocation on the plan?

Original submission

At its meeting held 16th August 2016 Messing cum Inworth Parish Council resolved to make the following comments:
We are pleased to note that you are preparing Joint plans with Tendring and Braintree DC regarding Garden communities.

Infrastructure and Connectivity
2.51 and 2.57
We welcome the provision of sufficient infrastructure for the existing populations/traffic
It is of paramount importance that sufficient infrastructure and roads are provided before any further development takes place.

We believe that the layout/location of the A12 widening and the A120 bypass need to be decided before any large development can take place.
There are insufficient trains/seats/parking spaces on the rail network for current passenger levels and improvement must be made before any properties are developed to increase rail passengers.
Rural areas require high speed broadband to be available to ALL villages and settlements however small.

Spatial strategy

We welcome the provision of new homes on the A12 corridor, but the location of the A12 widening needs to be identified before any development can be agreed.
The provision of on/off slip roads and junctions 23 and 24 (Kelvedon and Feering) needed to be built before any further development in either these two villages or Tiptree. Tiptree traffic also requires its own access to the A12.
Policy SS13 Marks tey
Mention is made of Garden community, but no site allocation on the plan?
Policy SS15- Tiptree
Mention is made of 600 houses, which we understand will be defined by Neighbourhood plan currently underway.
Appendix 1
We understand that the removal of settlement boundaries in some locations will return the villages to 'countryside' status.

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