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Representation 2374 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr & Mrs Burt

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Concerns over impact of new housing on the school, doctors, dentist, roads and pathways, car parking, sewage works, water, caravan parks, social housing (new housing should be for local people), lack of police on island, affects of proposed power station at Bradwell.

Original submission

I wish to register our objection to the above, re residents of Mersea Island. The impact of the above is of major concern to all residents and must be addressed correctly before any such planning be granted.
In accordance with Planning Consent Clauses 106 and 278.

350 houses - at least a further 350 cars and possible 1000+ residents

School - already the largest primary school in Essex - over capacity at present - any expansion would require building on current sports field

Doctors - already over-subscribed and rejecting people from the surgery - also having to cope with temporary
patients from the caravan parks

Dentist - unable to take new patients Roads and pathways- in bad state of repair
Car Parking - insufficient especially during summer months - parking on side roads creates safety problems
for private cars and on bus routes

Sewage works are up to maximum capacity
Water - mains supply also under pressure to cope

Caravan Parks - increased population and applications for further static caravan plots; traffic now up to 12
months of the year puts pressure on local amenities

Social housing - any new build social housing should be for families of local residents and not brought in from other towns or London Boroughs whereby Councils gain financially.

No police on the Island

Proposed Power Station at Bradwell - the effect of which has major concerns in view of past history with Magnox and the lack of public information

We question the sense in building such a large number of houses on an Island which has only one busy road into Colchester is already struggling with the above important infrastructure issues and also where there is limited work opportunities.
Mersea Island has expanded gently over the years but one only has to look at the anti social behaviour issues that arose when they were allowed to build on the Wellhouse site.

We trust that Colchester Planning will fully and carefully consider the above.

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