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Representation 2363 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Louise Alexandra Doyle

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: Opposition to 'estate like feel' which may result from new development in Langham which would be detrimental to village life. New development would put existing services under strain. Areas of affluence are required around Colchester to make the town attractive.

Original submission

I write in response to the above consultation as a resident of Langham. For context of distance to the proposed sites in the village, my address is [address provided]. Although I do not live directly adjacent or next to the sites, I do feel there will be a direct impact on myself, my family and other villagers should you forge ahead with these disproportionate plans proposed. In particular I refer to 6.172, and the proposal for 115 new homes right in the heart of our village.

The meaning of the village name is "long farm" or "long homestead", and over its history, Langham has grown in exactly this manner - avoiding the urban sprawl and estate developments seen in towns, by having new properties built to line the edges of farmland and community spaces. Langham residents are not adverse to building new homes now in the same manner. Indeed some of the proposals were seen as acceptable for this reason, so long as the village is not merged with a neighbouring one and that the northern Colchester A12 boundary remains the line of Colchester development. However the sites proposed for the 115 homes would, as I see it, have an estate like feel. This is not in keeping with the village and would have a detrimental effect on village life, and the sense of community currently shared throughout Langham. The school and local amenities, the roadways and paths, are all small, in scale with the village, and well supported. These community run amenities could be put under strain by the volume of houses you propose, struggle to cope and the area potentially could be opened up to be targeted by retailers hoping to capitalise on the new housing estates. This would change the very fabric of the village.

The proposal itself has evolved hastily, and not considered fully the objections already made against earlier versions. I urge you to consider now the long term effects on the village and the surrounding area. To properly sustain a growing town like Colchester, there must be surrounding villages, areas of affluence, green space, and supportive communities like Langham; else the attraction of the town and surrounding areas as a whole is at risk.

Please accept this email as my opposition to the latest scheme proposed - in particular point 6.172.

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