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Representation 2322 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Samantha and Stuart Hall

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Abberton and Langenhoe, SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites
Representation: The proposed development will increase traffic levels and accident risk.
result he loss of agricultural land, impact negatively on wildlife locally.

Existing facilities do not have capacity to support 120 new residents - the school is small and there is no GP, pub or local shop.

There are 1000's of new build in progress therefore this new housing is not required .

Original submission

We would like to object to the proposal for 30 new houses at the Captains Field site and Glebe Lane site in Abberton off Peldon Road.

We have lived at 39 Peldon Rd for 10 years and this proposed development would severely impact on us.

It would increase the traffic and accident risk on Peldon Rd with a potential 30 - 60 extra cars coming from this proposed development. This is a country road where traffic is already a problem. Cars speed up as they leave the 30 zone and head into the 60 zone which is just after our house. There is a public walkway to the side of our house which children use coming home from the school. By developing this site you are going to increase traffic and accident risk. This is also a small village which would mean extra traffic will be travelling on the narrow Layer Road by Austons Cottage heading towards the A12. This is not even wide enough for 2 cars and increases the risk of accidents.

We moved to this village as it was a rural location with agricultural land. This proposal will ruin this and see our agricultural land disappear. The development on Glebe Lane would ruin the lovely walk to the Abberton Reservoir and walkways they have provided recently for us. We are also concerned that this will affect the local wildlife around this area.

The local school is small and can not currently accommodate such a development. Local residents currently complain about the parking situation on school drop off and pick up times and this will only exasperate the issue further.

There are not the facilities in the village to cope with this type of expansion. We do not have a local shop, pub and the GP practice in Layer could not cope with a potential 120 extra residents.

This new housing is not required as there are 1000's of new builds in progress in Colchester and would ruin this local community and surrounding countryside.

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