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Representation 2321 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Liz Winter

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: Objection to the unreasonably high number of new houses proposed in School Road which will alter the rural character of Langham. School Road will not cope with extra traffic generated from the proposed 115 properties and children will be at greater risk from the additional traffic at school opening and closing times.

Alternative sites proposed including a site at the western end of Wick Road seem to have been ignored.
The existing infrastructure is already stretched (drainage) and increasing housing will compound this.
Reconsider the proposals

Original submission

Having attended two meetings regarding the proposal to build more houses in Langham and having looked again at the document, I really feel I must object to the unreasonably high number of houses proposed for building in School Road.

Not only would this number of houses completely alter the character of our rural village, but School Road could not cope with extra traffic from 115 properties. In places it is too narrow for two large cars to pass, not to mention buses, farm tractors and low-loaders from the small industrial complex. I also believe that schoolchildren would be endangered by the extra movement along the road, which is already congested at school opening and closing times.

We have identified several areas within the village where small developments would be acceptable, including the site at the western end of Wick Road, but our suggestions seem to have been ignored. You propose to increase our housing beyond the ability of the infrastructure to cope, when we already have drainage problems and lanes used by too many large vehicles.

I hope the planners will reconsider their proposal.

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