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Representation 2242 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr & Mrs G & T Saunders

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: Green land should stay as farming land and not allow uncaring developers to ruin our lives further. parking in the village is terrible. you must not allow Rowhedge to be linked to Colchester with no green in between, quality of life has been affected with excessive noise pollution,dust and heavy plant machinery

Original submission

It is deplorable how Colchester has been turned from a small market town with surrounding villages to one massive concrete jungle. we have lived in Rowhedge all our lives and generations before us. We have seen lots of changes over the years and have had to put up with noise pollution, dust and heavy plan manoeuvres while building homes have taken place, very bad parking problems with very little green open space. We need green land to stay as farming land
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