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Representation 2219 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Bernard King

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: The proposed estate style development of 115 houses on School Road and it is not in keeping with more recent developments in Langham.

The existing infrastructure in Langham - school provision, broadband, bus provision and the internet is poor. The proposed development would turn Langham into another extension of the sprawling urbanisation of Colchester.

The proposal as outlined by CBC is not limited proportional growth

Original submission

I have been a resident of Langham, Colchester since 1982. I have been made aware of the proposal for new housing in Langham and in particular the development of 115 houses in School Road, the road in which I live. This kind of estate of houses is not in line with any previous development which has taken place in Langham. Linear construction of the odd one or two houses is acceptable but not housing estates. The nature of the village does not have the infrastructure to support this, the school does not have the capacity. There is no gas supply to the village. The bus service and Internet are poor.
This would be a huge mistake and turn what is a beautiful rural village into just another extension of the sprawling urbanisation of Colchester. If people wish to reside on an estate then encourage them to live in the town. May I suggest Lexden perhaps or Dedham. At least then the new families could be easily looked after by councillors who would in the main be able to walk from their homes to see their new editions.
The proposal at outlined by CBC is not limited proportional growth.

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