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Representation 2208 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Dr Diar Aref

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - North Colchester, NC3: North Colchester, Land north of Achnacone Drive Braiswick
Representation: The proposed constructions around Achnacone Drive will cause significant disturbance of our peaceful community in Braiswick and make it less safe for children out playing and other cyclists in the area.

Carefully consider your plan.

Original submission

We have recently moved to number 3 Achnacone Drive in Braiswick, Colchester.

This move came after a careful inspection of the area and only at it was a quiet and peaceful , we decided to buy and indeed completed on 24/8/16.

We are both GPs serving the community of Colchester and have a 5 year old daughter who spends most of her leisure time on the bike at the driveway in front of the house with other children.

We have just learned that there will be an imminent plant for some constructions around and this will mean a significant disturbance of our peaceful community in Briaswick and will indeed endanger our children as well as the cycling people around.

As professional people we are asking you to carefully consider your plan and keep Achnacone Drive and Braiswick as quiet as possible.

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