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Representation 22 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Helen Went

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: Too much pressure on our already stretched infrastructure.

Flooding issues from the Brook at Hillview Close.

Protected species of wildlife rely on this area.

Noise pollution for current residents.

Loss of character and identity of our village.

Original submission

Rowhedge has major development going on at the wharf which will have a negative effect on the village infrastructure without the addition of this ridiculous proposal.
The site proposed is prone to flooding due to the Brook that runs at the Base of the gardens of Hill view Close. The excess of this already floods Marsh Crescent when it rains.
There are wildlife issues cuckoos and newts both protected species rely on this area for their survival.
Noise pollution etc would be unbearable for the current residents.
We are a rural village we can not sustain any more development we simply don't have the facilities to cope with this proposal nor do we want to become fused with Old Heath making us lose our identity and character.

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