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Representation 2165 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Dr Mike Priestnall

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley, SS9: Great Horkesley
Representation: Many things are missing from the plan and there is no demonstration it is needed.

Original submission

There has been no demonstration these houses are needed.
The bus service to school lane is appealing and there are very poor pavements.
With the thousands of houses already being built around Mile End and northern approach road, and no improvement to infrastructure (park & ride is very expensive!) there will be traffic chaos, through the village, and especially around north station.
Pressure on our GP and hospital services is at breaking point and funds are being cut.
There is nothing to say where access to the school lane will be on to school lane, and no mention of the effects on the wildlife or the trees around the site.
Previous promises about benefits to the village have not been kept.

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