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Representation 2150 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms HI Szeman

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley, SS9: Great Horkesley
Representation: I wish to register my objection to an increase in residential properties in Great Horkesley. The north of Colchester has had a huge amount of homes built over the last few years and the Chesterwell and Severalls Hospital developments are examples of how you can over populate an area. Adding additional properties to Great Horkesley is not required, not wanted and will diminish our village.

Planners should consider going elsewhere in the borough and preserve our villages for future generations.


Original submission

'Support' x 1 from Great Horkesley Parish Council (GHPC) on this website who, in my view, did not make any meaningful effort to bring the Local Plan to the attention of the villagers of GH, including the potential impact on our surroundings and their keenness to support CBC, in exchange for developers to provide allotments a scout hut and contributions for an extension to the New Village Hall. Shame on them not to ask or even consult with residents to seek our views well in advance.
I have read the comments and the majority state my thoughts, too many houses, no increased infrastructure, etc. Example: Trains are over their capacity to take people. Northern Approach Roundabout towards North Station is like a plug at peak times due to too many cars and not enough road space/lanes. Too many houses = too many cars = more people.
Local Hospital permanently in crisis, not being able to cope with the numbers and GP and other NHS services stretched to their capacity. The answer - do not build all these new homes without a guarantee that local health and other services have the capacity to deal with increase numbers.
GH is very close to losing its identity as a 'VILLAGE' as are many other villages. We are being consumed into North Colchester. It is only the A12 that gives us a degree of separation.
We do not need any more houses/developments in "our" village. I and others choose to live in a village; this is being taken away from us. Shame on you again.
Finally navigating on the CBC website to make comments is not simple. How many people gave up on posting comments, therefore, how many comments have been lost? It might be fine for the CBC employees but not for the people who do not use the website regularly.

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