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Representation 2126 on Preferred Options Local Plan by The Harding Group represented by Pomery Planning Consultants (Robert Pomery)

Support / Object: SUPPORT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, WC4: West Colchester, South of Berechurch Hall Road
Representation: The respondent supports the proposed allocation of land south of Berechurch Hall Road for up to 150 units. As the promoter of two of the three land parcels that make up the allocation and having begun discussions with the owners/promoters of the remaining land parcel, the respondent is confident of the scheme being delivered comprehensively, as required by the draft policy WC4.

Original submission

The respondents, The Harding Group have secured an option to develop two of the three land
parcels identified within the proposed urban extension allocation on land south of Berechurch Hall
Road. A plan attached to these representations, identifies the respondents land within the proposed
allocation. The respondents support Policy WC4 (Berechurch Hall Road) which proposes an
allocation of up to 150 residential units on undeveloped land immediately south of Berechurch Hall

The supporting text to the policy at Paragraph 6.87 of the Plan explains that the allocation land is
made up of three land parcels for which the Council is seeking a cohesive approach to the
development. As developers of two of the three land parcels, the respondents accept that the
respective landowners/developers should work together to deliver a comprehensive scheme. To
this end, discussions have begun with the other second landowner with the aim of reaching a
binding agreement to joint working, in order to bring forward the comprehensive development
envisaged by the policy.

The respondent's support for the policy is based on the sustainable location of this allocation, where
good accessibility to public transport, schools, jobs, services and shopping are all available. In
landscape terms, the allocation site is not particularly sensitive and has good, established landscape
enclosure. Overall, the allocation is deliverable in the short to medium term, where it can make a
meaningful contribution to meeting the Council's objectively assessed housing needs.

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