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Representation 2125 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Miss Julie Tyler

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Great Horkesley, SS9: Great Horkesley
Representation: Badly planned with major faults in the Great Horkesley information! Lots of people complaining they can't even work out how to comment online. Make it easier, extend the deadline for comment to hear all the views.

Original submission

The local plan seems flawed in its evidence for Great Horkesley. The site for 80 houses is no where near the local shops and amenities as suggested. Children would have to cross the busy A134 if they could even get a place in the full primary school. And no one living there could walk to the post office along the A134 its virtually Impossible. There are already 4 mini roundabouts onto the A134 and little mention of how this will join in as well. All of this adds to more cars on the road and as we are a major road into Colchester even more traffic from local plan developments further out. In addition the nearby park and ride is absolutely useless £3 per head which means if two of you are in the car you might as well go and park in the town centre and a closing time so early no commuters can consider using it. This is another example of a build it without correctly thinking it all through and this seems to be the case with the local plan. Build everything then worry about the infrastructure later and then say there is no money to do anything!! The second site proposed is so small and strangely placed it seems a strange selection and potentially not needed at all people living there cannot walk to the village green and the rest of the village and the same reason above apply.

I'm summary this whole process is overly complicated and convoluted with document after document of nothingness and the most difficult part has been making a comment. So many people have given up making comments as they see it as a done deal and or can't work out how to comment. The deadline for comment should be extended and an easier comment section created ASAP.

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