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Representation 2108 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Hazel Madejczyk

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: Object because:
Housing estates proposed are too large in numbers
Density of housing in small areas
Extra traffic and consequent increased noise and traffic disruption
Extra traffic risk to pedestrians (few pavements in village) and cyclists (narrow country lanes)
Long term unresolved drainage problems in School Road would be significantly worsened by an extra 115 dwellings
In opting for housing estates CBC has ignored the we thought-out plan Langham Parish Council put forward following survey of residents last autumn for 85 dwellings including suitable for low cost/disabled/elderly.
Sets a dangerous precedent for even more housing, not necessarily for local Colchester people, in future

Original submission

The proposal to build 2 housing estates of 60 and 55 dwellings on School Road and a further 10 in Wick Road is not in keeping with CBC's stated object of "limited growth" since it will increase the number of dwellings in the whole village by over 33%. Housing estates, however dressed up with "village greens" would also urbanise this village location and severely damage the rural character of this central part of the village.
Squeezing so many dwellings into such small areas would lead to a density of housing out of character with the rest of the village. Would anyone even have a garden or would they simply have access to one communal village green?
The village roads cannot sustain the extra traffic and the extra noise and disruption the extra traffic from these two estates would generate. Each dwelling would, inevitably, have at least two vehicles adding at least an extra 250 vehicle journeys twice a day, that is at least and extra 500 vehicle journeys a day.
CBC seems to have forgotten that this village is accessed by narrow country lanes. Although School Road and Wick Road have some pavements no other roads and the approach roads do not. This extra traffic would inevitably result in increased risk to pedestrians and cyclists.
The bus service is very poor and has already been cut once this year by ECC so residents have little choice but to drive themselves.
The drainage in School Road cannot cope with the existing level of development let alone such a massive increase as the one proposed. Anglian Water have repeatedly tried and failed to solve these problems so the idea that they will be solved because planners, developers and landowners want them to be is ludicrous.
I am also concerned that CBC would not stop at 125 extra houses. The Nayland Road development in Great Horkesley was originally supposed to be only 30 homes and has since been allowed to grow to an estate of over 300. Once housing estates have started to be built in Langham there is this precedent that they would be expanded like the one in Great Horkesley.
In Rowhedge an estate of similar size (120) has been built in the centre of the village and half of the homes sold off to the London Borough of Haringey to accommodate people from their housing waiting list: did CBC realise that Rowhedge would get a London council estate and how could this be safeguarded against in other villages,like Langham?
Finally, don't accuse us of being nimbys. People in this village know very well that we need more housing especially affordable family homes, homes for people with disabilities and for the elderly and all of these were supported in the survey the parish council carried out last November. The report the parish council subsequently produced called for 85 extra dwellings over the next 15 years in a series of smaller-scale sites more appropriate to this rural location and this should be followed. After all, know Langham best and care most about its future sustainable growth.

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