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Representation 2099 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Ms Kim Gartland

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: - Very real risk of flooding to rear gardens at Hillview Close and at the bottom of Rowhedge Road/Marsh Crescent.

- Total loss of peace and privacy for all residents of Hillview Close.

- No scope for additional classrooms at St Lawrence or consulting rooms at doctors surgery; both valuable resources which stretcg to breaking point with the addition of 170+86 new homes currently under construction at the new wharf site - with this development alone Rowhedge will change dramatically; no further developments should even be considered in the knowledge of these facts - there are not enough resources here.

Original submission

Destroying the farm for housing will be a disaster for Rowhedge. As I type, (16/09, 3pm) it has been raining for two hours solid and the bottom of Rowhedge Road leading into Marsh Crescent is nearly impassable due to flood water. Birch Brook runs underneath this road and the sloping field that it is looking at being filled with concrete drains into it. In heavy rain, the Brook breaks its banks and floods the rear gardens of Hillview Close from numbers 73-127. It would be utterly irresponsible of CBC to approve building on this historic site - by doing so the Council would be subjecting every one of those properties to a very high risk of flooding every time it rains.

There are very limited school places at Rowhedge school due to over-subscription to Old Heath School amongst others. With the addition of 170 houses currently under construction at Rowhedge Wharf, and 86 currently going through the planning process, Rowhedge School (St Lawrence) will be at saturation point, offering residents little choice but to drive their children through the village and through surrounding residential streets that are already under pressure at rush hour times.

Rowhedge Business Park was put forward as a development site but rejected - why? It is a brownfield site and far, far more appropriate to be developed on, although the serious issue of school places still remains a desperate problem for Rowhedge.

Colchester Borough Council MUST realise that the wanton destruction of viable and precious Green Belt land should NEVER be a desirable action. Additionally the Council needs to realise that there are many established residences in the immediate vicinity, indeed, the BORDERS of the field, who need to be considered. Our homes are our most valuable asset - who will be responsible when they flood?

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