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Representation 2095 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr John Sanderson

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: Reasons for objection:
1- Rowhedge has already received a significant amount of development in recent years, causing disproportionate increase in size of the settlement and overloading the existing infrastructure.
2-Development will weaken the 'village' nature of Rowhedge and lessen the distinct gap between Rowhedge and Colchester
3-Overall transport links are poor and will become more congested/dangerous, etc - in the immediate area of the village but also in routes into Colchester (Old Heath/Hythe/etc).
4-Farming land should be maintained where possible, the site is generally inappropriate for development on this basis.

Original submission

I object to the proposal to develop the land to the south of Battleswick Farm, Rowhedge Road on a number of points:

1-Rowhedge has already received developed which appears disproportionate over recent years (the size of the village has been increased significantly by the development along the river and on the Dock site) which has not been matched by an noticeable investment in the infrastructure. I believe that further population increase will be unsustainable and overburden the existing infrastructure - most notably the school - which has limited potential for expansion.

2-The status of Rowhedge as a village distinct of the Colchester conurbation will be undermined by development towards Old Heath.

3-Overall the transport links towards the village are already generally poor, and do not support sustainable options for transport in general - the overall routes through Colchester to the East are poor and further population growth is therefore inappropriate.

4-To use existing farmland for housing development in this way is inappropriate - particularly in a context such as this where it provides a limited barrier between a village and a much larger settlement,

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