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Representation 2037 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Ashleigh Herne

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Abberton and Langenhoe, SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites
Representation: Summary
1. The infrastructure is not in place as per requirement in Sp4
2. SP5 states that new developments must have the highest standards of build and urban design protect the amenity of existing and future residents and users with regard to noise, vibration, smell, loss of light and overlooking. The proposal does not meet these requirements.
3. Each emerging plan for Colchester, surrounding villages, Braintree and chelmsford is being considered in isolation. There will be a massive impact on traffic, roads and safety which has not been considered holistically
4. There are a number of environmental issues which have not been considered

Original submission

I have examined the plans and I know the site well. I wish to object strongly to the development of these houses in this location in Abberton & Langenhoe.
The proposal is inappropriate in that this site (Peldon Rd Pantiles farm sites either side) is outside the village envelope. More housing is not required in Abberton & Langenhoe. The Peldon Rd site (Reservoir side) is a Greenfield site designated as agricultural and should remain for this use. There is ample opportunity to provide additional housing in areas that already have residential housing side by side in a compact area where people are accepting that and it does not impact the rural country side.
The proposed siting of the development is particularly ill-considered: it is on a Greenfield site used by a local man with a local business training gun dogs which is a vital part of rural life, building here would both diminish the striking view of the Mersea Island.
Abberton and Langenhoe is a settlement where development proposals should be considered very carefully: infilling could ruin the character of the village while estate development would overwhelm it. The protection of Abberton and Langenhoe's visual, historic and archaeological qualities is also supported by Policy DM16 in the emerging Local Plan for Abberton & Langenhoe, and paragraph 64 of the National Planning Policy Framework states that permission should be refused for development of poor design that fails to take the opportunities available for improving the character and quality of an area and the way it functions.
This Planning proposal would lead to previously private areas being overlooked impacting on the privacy of surrounding residential buildings. The proximity of these proposed builds will overshadow existing buildings therefore impacting on light available to existing houses
There will be a disturbance to local housing adjacent to the proposed sites which current residents are not accustomed to. This will worsen the current living conditions by the noise impact of some potential additional 120 residents, noise from vehicles attached to the proposed residents worsening existing conditions for village residents. In addition with the emerging local plans for several villages there will be some additional 2000+ vehicles which will also impact on noise and have disastrous effects on pollution in the area. The additional noise will impact on the wildlife using these sites to live, nest and raise their young causing them to become extinct in the area which would be a complete national disaster
There will be significant light pollution caused by lighting from the proposed residences. This will impact considerably on humans, wildlife and plants. Light pollution has consequences: it washes out starlight in the night sky, interferes with astronomical research, disrupts ecosystems, has adverse health effects and wastes energy. With the North Sea and a significant geographical position conditions in Abberton and Langenhoe are currently ideal for astronomical research and there are a number of local residents who are astronomers.
Many insects, birds, mammals and reptiles are photoperiodic in nature. Many aspects of their physiology and behaviour are influenced by day-night or circadian rhythms.
This means their eating, mating, growth and development; movement and other activities are in relation to the balance of day and night.
Artificial lights, even in small amounts can distort their natural operations and cycle. Thousands of deer and animals are killed on the roads by vehicles in the evenings, because the glare of these vehicles blinds them and are unable to run off the streets before they are knocked down. The additional 60 + vehicles belonging to the residents will have a detrimental effect to the mortality of rare and endangered animals of national and world importance from Abberton Reservoir and Fingeringhoe Reserve who nest and live on the proposed sites in Abberton & Langenhoe
SP5 states that new developments must have the highest standards of build and urban design protect the amenity of existing and future residents and users with regard to noise, vibration, smell, loss of light and overlooking
The scale of the proposals on 3 sites will be overbearing for the village in close proximity to existing buildings and outside the village boundary therefor oppressive and out of character
These proposals will have a significant impact on road safety as there could be an additional 60 vehicles using Peldon Rd, Layer Rd, Mersea Rd this along with the impact compounded by other emerging local plans in Birch, Layer de La Haye, Mersea Island, Copford, Copford green, Marks Tey, Dedham Heath ,Rowhedge to name just a few . This will impact on these already busy roads and accident hotspots and add some additional 2000 + vehicles in the area commuting, shopping, school runs. This will impact significantly on the road and public transport infrastructure such as the already inadequate A12, A120 inadequate parking available at Colchester North station for commuters. Parking. The emerging local plan will add to these failures. Parts of the A12 around Colchester carrying 90,000 vehicles per day, which is high for an A class trunk road. A12/A120 is an ageing route which has several key maintenance issues. The emerging plan is going to dramatically add to the traffic issues on the A12/A120 which is a major route to Stanstead Airport.
There will be a significant impact on safety from vehicles emerging from the Peldon Rd sites as this rd is already very dangerous. Vehicles travel at 60mph and do not slow down to 30mph when they hit the village. Vehicles trying to exit from Peldon Rd will cause significant accident risks. There is no pedestrian pathway along Peldon Rd at the proposed sites; it is not suitable or appropriate for residential housing as people will be at significant risk negotiating a roadway with a 60mph speed limit and no chance of any traffic calming measures. SP5 policy specifies that all new development must meet the highest standards of built and urban design it also specifies that about new developments creating well-connected places that prioritise the needs of pedestrians, cyclists and public transport services above use of the private car. In fact pedestrians and cyclist will be at risk passing by or emerging from the Peldon Rd sites Abberton and Langenhoe does not have the infrastructure to support these needs
SP4 states. Development must be supported by provision of infrastructure, services and facilities that are identified to serve the needs arising from new development. There are not enough school places for local children Langenhoe school cannot allow entry to a number of children already as there are not enough places available. There is not the infrastructure to cope with the new builds
Feelings are running high locally when parents park out ide houses, over drives dropping children off at Langenhoe School. There is no parking available for parents for school drop off and this impacts road, accidents rates and traffic in the area.
There are no local shops in the area, the nearest being 3 miles away. This will cause additional vehicles on the road. Abberton and Langenhoe do not have the infrastructure to support the emerging local plan for our village.
SP4 states Development must be supported by provision of infrastructure, services and facilities that are identified to serve the needs arising from new development . Ensure that essential healthcare infrastructure is provided as part of new developments of appropriate scale in the form of expanded or new doctors' and dentists' surgeries. There are no dentists or doctors locally for the local population. Residents have to travel to the nearest GP surgery in Layer De La Haye which is 4 miles from Abberton & Langenhoe or Dentists surgery in Mersea 4 miles away. This will cause additional road traffic, accident risks, air pollution. There is no public transport to Layer De la Haye and sporadic buses to Mersea. Abberton and Langenhoe do not have the infrastructure to support his emerging plan
SP4 states Development must be supported by provision of infrastructure, services and facilities that are identified to serve the needs arising from new development. Roll-out of superfast broadband across Essex to secure the earliest availability for universal broadband coverage and fastest connection speeds for all existing and new developments.
High speed reliable Broadband internet connections are non-existent in Abberton & Langenhoe. The proposal for an additional 30 houses will impact on the existing users and will have a high impact on the bandwidth. This in turn will impact on the need for people to make additional journeys in vehicles, impact on those working from home and small businesses run from home.
Abberton and Langenhoe are built on the peak of a renowned hill. Public utilities here such as water are precious. The water pressure is very low. Building an additional 30 houses will impact considerably on water pressure, and therefore supply and demand. This will also impact on local mains for Fire Brigade use in the event of an emergency. This is not a change that current residents will tolerate.
All three proposed sites but in particular the Peldon Rd and Glebe Lane sites have considerable wildlife living there, some coming from Abberton Reservoir (which has been designated as a special protection site) and Fingeringhoe wild life reserve. These proposals to build on these sites would be outrageous and contribute to some protected species such as Adders, Hedgehogs, Nightingales, Green woodpeckers, great tits, robins, blackbirds, and blue tits. Specific to the Peldon Rd site on the Abberton Reservoir side there is a natural stream with great crested gebe, a Barn Owl that lives and hunts on site and a Kestrel hawk that lives and hunts there. The gamekeeper at Fingerinhoe reserve commented these sites are of significant national interest with regard to the Nightingales living and breeding there. There are a huge amount of insects, different butterflies. There is a hedgerow that borders the Peldon Rd site on the reservoir side which homes several varieties of birds that nest and breed there. They would all disperse if this site were given permission to develop for residential builds and some of the rarer species become extinct in Essex.
The Parish council have debated the emerging local plans for Abberton and Langenhoe with local residents. They have consulted with the whole village at a special meeting convened to discuss the proposals with a Colchester borough planning officer present. A vote was taken and out of the 94 persons attending 89 local residents objected to the proposal for 30 new houses. The 5 that supported the proposal were the occupiers/related to the owners of Pantiles Farm.
There are more appropriate sites to consider such as the site by the cricket club on Fingerinhoe Rd, or the old school house in Mersea Rd although they will all come with a number of issues raised above.
Abberton and Langenhoe local Parish Council object to the emerging plan proposals and share the concerns of the 89 objectors

If this application is to be decided by councillors, please take this as notice that I would like to speak at the meeting of the committee at which this application is expected to be decided. Please let us know as soon as possible the date of the meeting.

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