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Representation 2033 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Robert Waites

Support / Object: COMMENT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Open Space, DM17: Retention of Open Space and Recreation Facilities
Representation: Formal recognition in draft Local Plan of the Fernlea open space as 'public open space' and that it be marked accordingly on the allocation plans.

Original submission

The proposal map - North Colchester Policies NC1, NC2, NC3 does not indicate in green ("Public Open Space") the open space through which Fernlea runs. This open space, which contains mature and semi-mature trees was provided as part of the original development constructed by Messrs Comben Homes in the early 1980's and presumably is in part a remnant of the original field system. This is the only useable open space on the Fernlea/ Stonecrop development and is an important asset for the residents being used for casual play by small children and having been used in the past for public functions such as 'street' parties. Its importance to the character, quality and environment of the area should be recognised in the Local Plan.

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