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Representation 203 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr & Mrs C Shenfield

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Copford and Copford Green, SS5: Copford Housing Sites
Representation: Any such development would be out of keeping with what still remains an essentially rural area. Development at Stanway have put pressure on roads and schools. any requirements for housing should only be addressed by smaller, in keeping developments

Original submission

I write to register my objection to the proposed housing developments for Copford and Marks Tey for the following reasons:
1) Any such development would be totally out of keeping with what still remains an essentially rural area.
2) This area has already been put under increased pressure, human and traffic, by the recent further developments at Stanway, without any associated investment in Schools.
3) The A12 being a major commuter route would become a bottleneck at Marks Tey due to the substantial increase in traffic in that immediate area. Those trying to travel fro, beyond Colchester ie Clacton on sea would find any journey to Chelmsford beyond as impossible. Therefore any development in this area would be at the cost of those towns and villages further East of Marks Tey, inclusive of Colchester itself.
4) Any requirement for housing should only be addressed via smaller, in-keeping developments that will not severely stress local inhabitants, local roads, local schools and the already much beleaguered A12.

In summary it is the wrong type/size of development in the wrong place which will no discernible benefits but only NEGATIVES for ALL

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