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Representation 2011 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Miss Maris Sharp

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Strategic Issues and Policies, Creating Quality Places
Representation: Colchester is now a satellite commuter town for London.
Park and ride needs to accommodate them leading to fewer cars in town.
More in the town infrastructure - more roads around the town leads to more congestion within the town.
A halt to building till this intractable problem is sorted.

Original submission

I have lived in Colchester for 6 years now and in that time noticed an unbelievable increase in traffic within the town.
There are plans to expand the surrounding roads but within the town the system remains the same with no growth. It is unsustainable.
The park and ride scheme should start and finish at times to accommodate the many London bound commuters so their cars could stay out of the town. The train car park is full to bursting.
More GP surgeries need to be installed.
More schools.
More trains to and from London at commuter times.
And the hospital surely needs expanding now.
To reiterate. There needs to be new infrastructure within the town itself.
Colchester is now a commuter satellite town to and from London and this situation needs to be addressed NOW.

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