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Representation 1987 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr P Bartholomew represented by Robinson & Hall LLP (Mr Peter Le Grys)

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Other Villages and Countryside, OV1: Development in Other Villages and Countryside, Other Villages
Representation: Development should be considered for Little Tey

Original submission

Church Lane, Little Tey
This objection refers to the absence of appropriate consideration to the extension of the settlement development limits for Little Tey.
The site show on the attached plan represent s logical extension to the settlement. While the village is a relatively small settlement with limited facilities, other than the new extensive employment site at the junction of Church Lane and the A120, the settlement is in extremely close proximity to Great Tey and Marks Tey where a full range of services are available. In addition, public transport is readily available within 5 minutes walk of the site, providing easy access to Marks Tey railway station, Colchester town centre to the east and Coggleshall/ Braintree to the west. It is therefore suggested that the village settlement boundary be extended to provide limited new housing within the village.

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