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Representation 1974 on Preferred Options Local Plan by ms Caroline White

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: I do not agree.
Roads especially Dawes Lane inadequate for volume of traffic.
School already too big and potentially detrimental to children's wellbeing.
GP service stretched and in two premises.
Caravan population not accounted for in planning proposal.
Limited police presence.
Potential for incident at new reactor if built st Bradwell.

Original submission

I am a, resident of Dawes Lane and have looked in full at the planning proposal. I do not believe that the plan for takes into about the impact that the population from the caravan parks have upon the already stretched resources on the island.
It is difficult to obtain a GP appointment. It is currently operating out of two different premises and one of these sites not have a receptionist. This can be disconcerting for older people. An increased population would obviously exacerbate these problems.
The school is oversubscribed and classes are large. The size of the school can have a negative impact upon children's wellbeing and achievement. An increase in the school roll would have a detrimental effect upon the children's education.
The roads are busy disgust during the Summer. There are no cycle paths and the roads are hazardous to cyclists especially younger ones. The distance from Dawes Lane and Brierley Paddocks to the supermarkets and local work places would mean even more traffic on the roads. Dawes Lane is a narrow road and it can be difficult for larger vehicles to pass cars or each other. There is roadside parking on the stretch leading to the junction with East Road. This is not suited to the high volume of traffic using it especially during the summer as tourists use it to access East Road which is also hazardous for pedestrians crossing. Any further housing would increase the strain in the infrastructure.
Furthermore there is the continuous issue of the tide rendering the island inaccessible at times. The length of queues either side of the Strood are already incredibly long and tailbacks are frequently caused by cars stranded on the Strood. Should there every be an emergency it would be a logistical nightmare to evacuate the island with one road as access. The now almost certainty of a Chinese prototype nuclear power station across the water at Bradwell should ensure that further development In West Mersea does not go ahead. There is no regular police presence on the island and the potential for chaos in the event of an incident at Bradwell is very high indeed.
Whist I understand the need for further housing I do not agree that the area of West Mersea could withstand the growth in population, increased demand on resources or increase in traffic. The area is stretched enough during the busy tourist season and with permanent / almost permanent residents in the caravan parks.

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