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Representation 195 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Robert Clark

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Langham, SS11: Langham
Representation: High density for the 2 areas in school Road ,overdevelopment of land. The road is too narrow for up to 300 additional cars belonging to new residents Facilities of water ,sewage, transport ,school and medical services and other infrastructure is completely inadequate

Original submission

I wish to comment on the strategic plan for the development proposals submitted by various developers for Langham village over the coming years.

1. The high density proposals for the 2 areas in School Road are an overdevelopment of the land for the following reasons:
a. The road is too narrow for up to 300 additional cars belonging to new residents.
b. The Witnells industrial area involves very heavy lorries and machinery of up to 40 tons travelling in School Road at most hours of the day and night and together with the "school run" cars would make the road chaotic several times per day.
c. The facilities of water, sewage, transport, school, medical and other infrastructure necessities are either not in place or completely inadequate. Although the developers could put some of these facilities in place they would need to be maintained by the Borough Council or other organisations and this would in some cases be impracticle eg the vast improvements required to the current sewage system.
d. Potential street lighting would be required and this would adversely affect the remainder of the village as there is no current street lighting and none wanted in the village (according to a Parish Council poll). In addition the potential light pollution of this area would adversely affect the whole of the centre of the village.

2. For a village with approximately 500 houses this represents more tham a 20% increase in housing and this would demean the environment of this rural village.

3. There are already many proposals in the village for a number of new individual and grouped houses across the whole area. This includes the proposal for the additional 10 houses to be situated at Wick Road/Park Lane corner and if the ribbon development of houses in School Road either side of the Witnell industrial area were to be approved, this would amount to a close approximation to the 85 houses which were originally proposed by Langham Parish Council as being more appropriate for the growth of the village over the period being examined by the Borough Council.

4. It has been stated that the proposed large developmant of up to 115 new houses in School Road would be phased in over the next 16 years with some at approximately 1/3 in each 5 year period. This would not satisfy developers as costs would be much higher if the complete development was not agreed to be built all at once. In addition up-front service costs would be a longstanding overhead which would considerably affect their profits.

5. Langham is the same rural setting as its neighbour Ardleigh where the borough council refused plans as "this was seen as a rural settlement and an area which should be limited to smaller developments consistent with local community needs".

I understand that a late planning application was submitted by an Agent for a development for the old Motts Farm area around Birchwood Road/Wick Road and at the back of houses in Perry Lane but this was dismissed as being much less suitable for development than many other areas in Colchester. There are many other reasons why this decision should be applauded, not least because the main entry into the village would be through an industrial area but also there are many safety issues as well as the unacceptable and permanent damage to the village environment.


Robert Clark

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