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Representation 1907 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Economic Growth Colchester Borough Council (Elizabeth Flood)

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Open Space, DM17: Retention of Open Space and Recreation Facilities
Representation: The policy should acknowledge that where public or private open space are developed for alternatives uses, greater flexibility should be provided to allow in some circumstances a smaller quantity but improved quality of public open spaces to remain or to replace that which is lost.

Original submission

This policy should acknowledge that where public or private open spaces are developed for alternative uses, there will be circumstances where it will be acceptable for the quantitative level of open space within the site to be reduced and not replaced elsewhere provided that the quality of the remaining open space if significantly improved including new recreational facilities to provide for a greater range of users.
The policy should consider that in some circumstances it will be appropriate to provide replacement facilities not within the locality but within a wider catchment area provided these are easily accessible by a range of transport. This will be particularly relevant where the replacement facilities are of a specialist nature.
In terms of sites not specifically identified in the Proposal Map as public open space the policy should expand on when it would be appropriate to develop these sites. In particular development should be acceptable where the small size of the side reduces its amenity value and where only part of the site is developed, retaining sufficient open space to not affect the character of the area.

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