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Representation 1903 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Economic Growth Colchester Borough Council (Elizabeth Flood)

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - East Colchester, EC2: East Colchester Hythe Special Policy Area
Representation: The policy should acknowledge that high rise, high density scheme may be acceptable in the Hythe.

The policy should acknowledged that formal sports facilities will be encouraged as part of the regeneration of the Hythe.

Original submission

Policy EC2: East Colchester - The Hythe Special Policy Area
The Local Plan Preferred Option should acknowledge that the Hythe is an historic urban area with a tradition on high density uses and good transport links. Land contamination and low land values can result in viability affecting development. As such the Preferred Options should include wording to support high density and high rise buildings which would help with the viability. Recent new developments including the Maltings have been characterised by high density and therefore additional high density development would reflect the character of the area. High density development would also allow for an increase in the number of residential units to approximately 900.

The Hythe area lack recreation/sports uses as well as green spaces. The policy should acknowledge that formal sports facilities would be encouraged as part of the regeneration of the Hythe.

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