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Representation 1894 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Rosemary Turrell

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Abberton and Langenhoe, SS1: Abberton and Langenhoe Housing Sites
Representation: Important wildlife needs to be protected. The roads are very poor in Layer Road most of it has no pavement, and is very narrow and is extremely dangerous for walkers, and with more housing more traffic will be pushed onto it. We have little infrastructure support for doctors, dentist, post office, shop or pub.

Original submission

Abberton is a small village we have no doctors,dentist,shop, post office or pub
but we do have beautiful countryside, which sustains a vast array of wildlife, it is vital that we protect these. As a resident of Layer Road who would rather leave the car at home I risk my life daily as this is an extremely narrow road and the junction to the Peldon Road is a blind spot. To build more houses in Glebe Lane will just push more traffic down an already very dangerous road, there is no mention of any improvements to the surrounding roads which would have to take the extra traffic. There are much more suitable sites than this please think again.

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