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Representation 1883 on Preferred Options Local Plan by mr john rowland

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Rowhedge, SS14: Land to the south of Battleswick Farm Rowhedge Road
Representation: In summary:

1. Developing Battlswick Farm will without any doubt increase the already serious problem of flooding from Birch Brook.

2. The school cannot meet the demands placed on it already and cannot be increased in size, so any further developments would cause serious problems for any new families moving into the village.

3. The roads cannot cope very well as it is, so more homes, that leads to more cars, will only add to the current problems.

Original submission

Living at the bottom of Rowhedge Road I am very aware of the flooding that can occur during times of heavy rain. During a flash flood this summer Birch Brook actually came over the road for the first time I am aware of, causing damage to the road, pavements and car park at the Community Centre. If the large sloping field is built on this can only become worse with more surface run-off. We need to learn from flooding incidents around the country to prevent such flooding from happening in the future by not building on land such as at Battleswick Farm. There are plenty of brownfield sites that could be used for the purpose of housing.

The school is a major issue. At the present time there are no development opportunities to expand the school which is already at capacity. The current site could not be increased as the foundations cannot support a second floor. Yet we already have two very large sites being developed for housing that will lead to increased pressures on the school and other services such as the doctors. Surely the village cannot cope with any further development without first addressing this problem.

On an additional note, traffic is already a major concern all over Colchester. If we have met our national targets for housing development then I suggest the traffic infrastructure around the town should become the top priority for the Colchester Borough and Essex County Councillors. The two new Garden Cities along with all the additional developments over the last ten years or so is going to cripple the movement of traffic around the town. I suggest we refocus our thoughts away from housing to the improvement of our roads, public transport and cycle routes to deal with all the current developments. And stop plans for any further developments as soon as we have met our national targets.

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