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Representation 187 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Chris Kyan

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Layer de la Haye, SS12: Layer de la Haye
Representation: The roads are inadequate, the village facilities are poor. The access to the site is inadequate. The quite enjoyment of a Village would be lost forever.

Original submission

The road access from Layer De La Haye to Colchester and the A12 are not in my opinion adequate to add even more traffic. Over time I feel it's safe to assume that up to three vehicle per household is normal and the vast majority of people will need to leave the village (a title that could soon be lost forever) to persue there employment, leisure and education etc.
The nature of things is that a lot of the journeys are made is tight time packets making the situation worse.
Consider the rat run through Birch Park and the weak, weight restricted narrowed bridge section. This would need major investment to bring it up to standard and shoul be done before further traffic expansion. Also the junction with Maldon road. This can be dangerous especialy if people become impatient. Considering that this is the main route to the A12 I feel it deserve serious thought.
The Main road to Colchester via the high road is also inadequate at the bend to the bottom of Donkey Hill. The bridge is routinely damaged.
Further the junction with Berechurchhall Road is inadequate and leads to excess queuing which encourages people to use the already overstretched Birch Park and bounstead road.
Bounstead road, is another back road that seems to be fast approaching a highway. It is narrow and inadequate for the proposed increase in traffic flow with another weak and dangerous bridge. The Junction of Bounstead road with Berechurchhall road is possibly one of the most dangerous in Colchester. It certainly doesn't need more traffic.
The road from Layer to Langenhoe is also very rural and not adequat for similar reasons.
In the winter months, layer can be cut of by its hills. Motorists often get stuck in heavy snow and ice.
The only good road out of Layer is the road that leads to Maldon.
Horse riding seems to be prevelant around layer and the extra traffic will only lead to more restrictions on this pastime.
The buses are inadequate.
The school is just about full I am lead to believe. Similarly The doctors is also full.
The acces to the site for construction through the existing estate is also a problem. Again, it's residential and not suitable for the ongoing heavy traffic that would be the result of a long construction period. Children, noise parking, damage are a few of the issues.
Where are the workers on the site going to park? Up and down the road is the answer here.
Building may be required but proper consideration as to where should be applied. A village with no facilities or reasonable acces seems a poor decision to me.

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