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Representation 1822 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Phil Gladwin

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Other Villages and Countryside, OV1: Development in Other Villages and Countryside, Other Villages
Representation: 'Sustainability' of the OV1 villages is being reduced by the proposed policy

Original submission

Some of the villages defined as not sustainable are desperate for small numbers of new houses, in the last 30 years many homes have been 'squashed in' the village envelopes leading to crowded street views, small gardens and almost exclusively in my area (Winstred) large houses.

We have almost run out of land in the envelopes, we need smaller houses - not necessarily low-cost houses - to maintain the villages.

Everyone has cars anyway, there are few buses, shops, and pubs now, the sustainability criteria has been wrongly applied.

I realise that not many people who actually live here will support this view, they will all deny nimbyism and pulling the drawbridge up after they have managed to buy a home here, however many of the strongest objectors come from the recently built houses.

Under the proposed policy, few younger, lower income families will be able to move in, the villages will die even more quickly and become even less sustainable in the future.

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