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Representation 1782 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mr Keith Williams

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Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, WC2: Stanway, Land between Church Lane, Churchfields and Partridge Way
Representation: The site is open space, and correct procedures have not been followed to revise this. The government's pepper potting policy has been ignored. The planning application152817 may be called in by the Secretary of State, so revise the local plan under these circumstances would surely be in contempt of the SoS office while it is still a matter for their consideration

Original submission

This site is allocated as open space and has not gone through the correct procedures to change its allocation from open space. The proposed development conflicts with Government policy for pepper potting of affordable housing. The fact that, between a developer and the CBC planning office, it has been assumed it's ok to ignore the local plan, ignore residents' opinions, ignore government policy and plough ahead anyway is disgraceful and shows utter contempt towards residents and due process.

It was never intended to construct on this land. It should have been planted with trees as in a previous (unenforced) planning condition. It had a very large gas main running straight through it. This would not have happened if a development had been perceived at that stage. The fact that the main has been relocated at significant cost highlights the certainty that the developer had that permission would be granted regardless.

The local plan should not be revised retrospectively to suit poorly judged planning office decisions, which may still be called in by the Secretary of State. To revise the local plan under these circumstances would surely also be in contempt of the Secretary of State's office while it is still a matter for their consideration.

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