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Representation 1780 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Lexden Restoration and Development represented by Pomery Planning Consultants (Robert Pomery)

Support / Object: SUPPORT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - West Colchester, WC4: West Colchester, Land at Irvine Road
Representation: The respondent supports the policy WC4 (Irvine Road) as a modest housing application, which can also bring forward meaningful ecological enhancements.

Original submission

The respondent, Lexden Restoration and, supports the allocation of this land and Policy WC4 (Irvine Road) as a housing allocation. Over the last few years, extensive ecological assessment undertaken by the respondent has revealed that the land is of modest ecological value. In addition, assessment of the orchard trees has been undertaken, which has confirmed that none of the trees on the site are of particular importance.

The respondent has been working with local residents to establish a consensus for the future development of the land, which reflects the policy criteria set out in Policy WC4. He respondent intends to continue to work with local resident to develop suitable proposals that need the requirements of this policy.

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