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Representation 1773 on Preferred Options Local Plan by Mrs Gill Burley

Support / Object: OBJECT
Document Link: Preferred Options Local Plan - Sustainable Settlements, Mersea Island, SS17a: Mersea Housing and Employment
Representation: Points I learned at the meeting on 1st September:
1.Colchester Borough Council did not want to meet the local residents at a public meeting.
2.Colchester Borough Council understated the number of dwellings in West Mersea and did not take into account static caravans where people live for 10-12 months a year
3.Brierley Paddock bought by a developer with connections to Colchester Borough Council
4. Proposed access to the Brierley Paddocks site is through a privately owned road.
5.Anglian Water have admitted to West Mersea Oysters that they already cannot cope with the sewage.
6.Maldon Council refused planning permission because of Bradwell.

Original submission

Things that I learned at the meeting 1st September at Mersea Island:

1.That Colchester Borough Council had no intention of consulting the residents at a public meeting. They arranged a meeting in July with West Mersea Council with only three days notice and no time to inform the residents. Colchester Borough Council were invited to the meeting on 1st September but did not attend. The hall was so full, people were turned away. The residents were hoping to put their questions to the Colchester Borough Council, but did not have the opportunity.

2. That Colchester Borough Council have put forward incorrect information. They stated that there were 3,200 dwellings in West Mersea and that an extra 350 would bring the island to capacity, whereas there are actually already 3,580 dwellings - taking us over and above the capacity mentioned. This is without the 1,480 static caravans where people can live 10 - 12 months of the year and 270 mobile caravan spaces. Also no allowance has been made for the influx of visitors in the summer.

3. That Brierley Paddocks has already been sold to a developer who has connections with Colchester Borough Council. City and Country built Angel Court. Interestingly they just managed to put in a development application only the day before the deadline. I don't imagine this was a coincidence.

4. That the proposed access from East Road onto Brierley Paddock is through a privately owned road.

5.That Anglian Water have already admitted to West Mersea Oysters that it cannot cope with the sewage and that the water purity cannot be guaranteed. Their business would be put in danger and an important local business and employer lost.

6. That the waste water treatment plant cannot cope and lorries often have to take away waste

7. That Maldon Council have recently refused permission for a housing development because of the proximity to Bradwell nuclear power station. With the announcement yesterday that Theresa May has given the go ahead for Hinkley Point there is a real danger that Bradwell will be next. To date there are no evacuation plans in place and only ONE road off the island which regularly floods.

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